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    German phrase when someone sneezes on you

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    In English-speaking countries, the common verbal response to another person's sneeze is "Gesundheit", the German word for health (and the response to sneezing in often used instead of "bless you," though some also use references to God. When someone does give a response, he or she might say 百岁 (bǎisuì). You are probably accustomed to hearing or saying “bless you” after In Germany, it's polite to say “gesundheit” after someone sneezes, which. Don't get caught off-guard while traveling — here's what to say in other languages when someone sneezes.

    When in Germany, saying "gesundheit" is the proper way to respond to a sneeze. We've all grown up with the expectation that when someone. Saying "Gesundheit" is the polite way. Asking if the sneezing person has hay fever is rude, but ok if you have a close relation to that person. I was told that it is considered rude in Germany not to say 'Gesundheit' if someone with whom you are acquainted with sneezes in your.

    (I think the phrase is different for addressing someone formally.) If the person sneezes while talking, they say, pravdu govoryu. This means, “I'm telling the truth. Can You Translate These Famous Phrases From Emoji? literally, health, equivalent to gesund healthy (Old High German gisunt; see sound) + -heit -hood an expression used to wish good health to someone who has just sneezed. In many parts of the United States people still use a German word when you sneeze. Gesundheit's popularity is linked to one of Germany's most.