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    How you diddling meaning of name

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    Definition of diddle - cheat or swindle (someone) so as to deprive them of Early 19th century: probably from the name of Jeremy Diddler, a character in the. Diddle definition is - to move with short rapid motions. How to use diddle in a sentence. friend #2: "I don't know, probably stay here and diddle my skittle- wanna help?" As you can see, confsuing the various meanings of the word will result in a big.

    The word fiddle is much more than just a string instrument. . Diddle can also mean “to walk unsteadily, as a child; to toddle”; “to jerk from side. diddle definition: To diddle is defined as to behave in an unproductive manner (), by James Kenney: name probably from dialect, dialectal duddle, to trick. What is the meaning of Diddle? How popular is the baby name Diddle? Learn the origin and popularity plus how to pronounce Diddle.

    Word Origin. See more synonyms for diddle on verb (used with object), did·dled, did·dling. Informal. to cheat; swindle; hoax. Explore Dictionary. Meaning "to have sex with" is from the 19th century; "to masturbate" is from the diddle. A meaningless word used when singing a tune or indicating a rhythm. diddle meaning, definition, what is diddle: to get money from someone by deceiving t. SYN swindlediddle somebody out of something They'll diddle you out of your See Verb tableOrigin diddle () Perhaps from Diddler, name of a. Diddle definition: If someone diddles you, they take money from you dishonestly or Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense diddles, present participle.