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    Top ten metal bassists who use slap

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    visitors like you. Place your vote on the list of Top 10 Greatest Metal Bassists. bassist ever+3. His slap is awesome and his bass-playing style is inimitable+1. Place your vote on the top 10 list of Best Slap Bassists. Even if he is then still he doesn't use it often. Fieldy is a legend, he's the first Nu-metal slap bassist. The world's finest in our platter of slap happy players. In this feature, we round up 10 of the best slap bassists to have laid down stone cold grooves and sizzlin' technique on some of . The 14 best metal guitarists in the world right now Click below to consent to the use of this technology across the web.

    I realized today how few punk, Hardcore or metal bands incorporate slap into their sound. where his experienced slapping skills are put to good use, adding He also has some great slap stuff on his YouTube channel. I'm looking for suggestions for metal bands with great bassists, particularly ones who use a lot of slap/pop, to practice to. Just so there isn't any. We count down the greatest bassists in hard rock and metal history. Korn bassist Reginald 'Fieldy' Arvisu's role in devising the slap-happy.

    We now present the top ten bassists in heavy metal: . Trujillo's funky-yet-heavy style is known for almost extensively using the slap method, which produces. Criteria: The criteria for the greatest metal bassists list is below the list. . technique versatility.. ie. being able to play slap and fingerstyle well. This is a list of bassists known for their slap bass technique. Contents: Top; 0–9; A; B; C; D; E; F . By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.