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    What is thawte code signing ca

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    For developers and software publishers of active content, code signing reduces error messages and builds trust in your reputation. Symantec Code Signing. Thawte Root Certificates are used for issuing SSL/TLS, CodeSigning, S/MIME, and Client Thawte Primary Root CA, Subject DN: C=US, O=thawte, Inc. What is happening? As part of the integration with DigiCert's certificate issuance platforms, we are updating our code signing PKI hierarchy.

    Thawte Code Signing certificates require the use of an Intermediate CA to ensure that signed code is fully trusted by users. To download the CA. Thawte intermediate certificate used with Thawte Code Signing (developer) certificate since June Chained with Thawte Primary Root CA. Thawte Code Signing CA. Thawte root used for developer certificates, issued by Thawte Premium Server CA. You can use the text version here.

    Thawte intermediate certificate used for the issuance of Thawte SHA Code Signing certificates. Chained with Thawte Primary Root CA. O=thawte, Inc., CN=thawte SHA Code Signing CA - G2 Subject Public Key Info: Public Key Algorithm: rsaEncryption Public-Key: ( O: CN: Thawte Code Signing CA - G2 O: Thawte, Inc. 5adf7cee2afaa6e27ddf32, , Thawte Intermediate CA for Thawte Code Signing Product.