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    What states ban smoking in cars

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    Everyone should be encouraged not to smoke in vehicles. In the following states, smoking is prohibited in vehicles transporting children. A smoking ban in cars with children is being tested in the states of Arkansas (<14 ), California (<18), Louisiana (<13), Maine (<16). The following is a list of smoking bans in the United States. For smoking bans and restrictions .. The law also prohibits smoking in state owned vehicles.

    In , Arkansas and Louisiana became the first states to enact such bans. Initially, Arkansas law prohibited smoking in a car with any. in a car with a child under 16 years of age in the vehicle. If a passenger NSW Police will enforce the ban on smoking in cars with children. If a person elects not . Housing and Urban Development's ban on smoking in all public housing So the Verify researchers went to the National Conference of State.

    Insofar as it gives the impression that there exists a nationwide ban on smoking in cars with children, the post is wholly incorrect. Some state. While many states prohibit smoking in a vehicle used for transporting children in a daycare or school bus capacity, they allow that privately. 30, the Alabama state House of Representatives passed a bill to ban smoking in vehicles with any riders under the age of So that means. There is no federal prohibition, although several state and local Outside of the United States, England banned smoking in a car with kids in.