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    How to breed dubstep monster 1

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    On the natural-element islands, it takes in the natural-element monsters; on Ethereal The specific breeding characteristics of the Wubbox have not yet been studied. . The Wubbox's tune is a loud and vibrant electronic dubstep that makes a big . 1 of 4. Every monster has different things that they like. For every unique. 1 Kudos. DarthMimi. I think they mean "free" in the real-world money sense. I saw a video where they breed monsters then place them in the wubbox directley . I cant figure it out cuz i cant buy it yet and i wanna cross breed to get it but i cant.., My Singing Monsters Answers for the iPhone - iPad. My Singing Monsters - Gameplay Video. Added on: Jul 1,

    Keep in mind that breeding the monsters left or right does not matter. And that if you . The DUBSTEP is AWESOME!!!!!! Reply .. Get a hotel and move your monsters (as needed) in there while you breed new level 1 monsters for the wubbox. You have mini-mines which generate 1 a day and every 2nd and 5th day you get There are the even harder-to-breed Ethereal monsters, with breeding Rare Wubbox monsters, which are giant dancing robots that contribute dubstep to the. Breed 2 monsters together that both have the grass and ice element. More than likely so, you will get the monster you want. The dubstep robot (Wubbox) is available in the market for level 27+ Showing of 4 comments.

    submitted 1 year ago by repete Most of my monsters across my islands are level 10 or so, and I've got Unity Trees and decorations to make them as happy as I can I wouldn't buy anything and I would breed 4 element monsters. Makes the reward of hearing their dubstep sound all that more rewarding.