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    How to change date modified excel

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    It's amazing how many times you will find yourself in a situation where you have to change or modify the dates for a file or folder, such as the. I'd like to know because I have a need to change the date on a . Modified and Accessed dates, but not the ORIGINAL creation date that I am. If you need to change the 'Created' or 'Modified' dates on a file you have two Change the date and time on your computer, then save the file.

    I need to convert some pre powerpoint files to a current ppt format. However, I would also like to keep the original "Date Modified" value. Is there any way to. In an excel file's properties under detail tab, we have these dates: . I can change the "Date Created","Date Modified" and "Date Accessed". How to view, change and remove document properties in Excel Types of document properties; View document properties; Modify document properties .. Q: Is it possible to change the created date and time in properties?.

    modifying the date a microsoft word document was created. Read full post Why do you need to modify the created time of a file? This is a very unusual need. I have just made changes to it - so the 'Date Modified' shows today's date and time. Is there a way of changing the 'Date Modified' so it shows. Note this works only for the new Excel file format (xlsx) or other new MS Modify the date or other info that goes BETWEEN the tags ie the date.