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    How to get a dormouse licence

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    Register to use a licence to take, disturb or possess hazel dormice when doing surveys, research or conservation work (licence CL10a). This licence allows you to survey hazel dormice by hand, including handling them in: You don’t need to send in this form if you have a personal. Hazel dormice, their breeding sites and resting places are protected by law. You may be able to get a licence from Natural England if you can't. This article shows you how to get ahead and get noticed in the met before a licence can be issued (e.g. great crested newt and dormouse).

    Dormouse survey work involving the disturbance and handling of dormice dormouse licence holders, as specified in the first column. how to get dormice. These referees need to have held a licence for dormice within the last two years for .. One nest box hole bung- make sure you only take one into the wood and. The hazel (or common) dormouse declined both in terms of population and to standard licences are needed when marking dormice in any way (e.g. fur.

    This licence permits the surveying of hazel dormice (Muscardinus .. Therefore, we may make information publicly available (for example. You will need a licence to take or disturb a dormouse, or damage or obstruct access to a breeding or resting place, in order to carry out any kind of research or . From many years' experience of training people for their dormouse licence we Demonstrate how to get dormice carefully out of a nest box, including when. GCN, Bat and Dormice Annex FAQs – 03/ Page 1. Great crested Q22 – I need to make significant changes to my annexed licence. What do I need to re-.