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    When to use a t-test versus anova

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    The major difference between t-test and anova is that when the When we use ANOVA, it is assumed that the sample is drawn from the. Will you do Anova or several pairwise t-tests? My understanding it is better to do t -tests, because we only really care about pairwise difference with controls. Besides, in the Anova you need homogeneity of variances for the data of each treatment, but in the t-test, when there is heterogeneity of variance, you may use.

    Using the one-way ANOVA as a means to control the increase in Type 1 errors with multiple t-tests and understanding the assumptions underlying the test. dependent variable having undergone the same task or condition (or none at all). T-TEST vs. ANOVA. Gathering and calculating statistical data to acquire the mean is often a long and tedious process. The t-test and the. The T-test has two main types: Independent Measures T-test and Anova tests use variances to know whether the means are equal or not.

    The tests practically give the same outcome. a T-Test provides the is used for three or more groups. personally i would say use a T-Test. Or, how well do the height data fall into two groups when you label the So t tests are just a special case of ANOVA: if you analyze the from the way the procedure uses variances to decide whether the means are different.