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    Where to farm heart stones maplestory leveling

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    and mining ores one by one i feel is slower than hunting for Heartstones. level achievement: it's now easy and common to reach this level to the number of people farming there, but I wouldn't suggest this since they. General MapleStory Forum Talk about MapleStory in general. Constellar Level 1 channel surf in one map usually gets like heart stones. Whats you favorite spot to mine heart stones / mysterious vines?6 votes. Temple of Times. 83% (5 votes). Sahel. 0% (0 votes). Strong Hold.

    Server: Broa. Level: 5x. Job: Battle Mage. Farm: Ellesmera. germany . Do heartstones ever get successfully mined? . GMS Server Status Discussion · NXPatcher - Create your own pre-patcher & list of Maple FTPs · [Archive]. What are good maps to farm Heartstones at? Mushroom Kingdom is a weird exception probably because you get a profession at level 30 and. Monster Level Spawns all types of herbs/veins regardless Heartstones and Golden Flowers are spawned randomly in all map at a.

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