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    Cycladic female figurines wholesale

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    Description This elegant white marble Cycladic full-figure female statue has been hand carved in Greece by artisans working closely with the Museum of. This stunningly abstract sculpture was reproduced from an enigmatic marble statuette of a woman. The nude figure crosses her hands across her chest, while . Approximately Height: 11cm - inches Width: 5cm - inches Weight: g Material: Bronze Female figurine reproduction of the canonical (regular) type.

    Cycladic sculptures [Greece] ~ "Trunk and thighs of a male statue", Attributed to .. Cycladic Figurine of a Woman, BC Sculpture, Statuette (pre- Greek art). Sculptures in marble are the most characteristic products of the Early Cycladic civilization. Most prominent are the figurines depicting women and men. Cycladic Female Idol, Sitting, Parastone Mouseion 3D statue, wholesale supplier These Female Figurines are always portrayed as standing nudes, their arms.

    Another thing: A Female Mystery – Cycladic Figurines A Cycladic figurine from Amorgos in the National Archaeological Museum at Athens. Small Female Figure, Early Cycladic BC. Getty Villa, Pacific Palisades , California. These marble figures were carved before the. Early Cycladic sculpture comprises predominantly female figures that range from simple modification of the stone to developed representations of the human.