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    How to set up underground sprinkler system

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    Installing an underground sprinkler system requires some work, but it makes watering the Measure the water pressure and determine the sprinklers' coverage. If you're tired of dragging that old lawn sprinkler around every few days, you may want to consider installing your own underground sprinkler. Installing an underground sprinkler is a great way to conserve water and save money on irrigation. This type of lawn irrigation system can be a complicated.

    How to Install a Sprinkler System. Installing a lawn sprinkler system will give you a green, lush lawn to enjoy even when the dry weather withers the neighbor's. Installing an underground sprinkler system can be a do-it-yourself project that will allow you to save almost half the cost of a professional installation. Sprinkler. Installing an irrigation system is a great way to keep a lawn green through even the doggiest days of summer. We spent a day with pro installers.

    Sprinkler System Installation Guide Okay, the planning's done, you've building a valve manifold, connecting wires, installing sprinklers and flushing your system. a pipe pulling machine, which will bury pipe without digging up your lawn. If an expensive and complex lawn irrigation system is out of reach, here's a setup that gets the job done for a fraction of the price.