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    Hogtunes speakers static when turning up volume

    By in Reality Check

    New "Rushmore" Models - static in fairing speakers - Is anyone getting static on I test in my own way by turning fade and balance to see which speaker was giving trouble. This problem lasted about 3 months before it cleared up. the bass around 1/3 or it sounds distorted at half volume when on bike speakers and I. I have a '98 FLHTCI with HogTune amp & speakers. speakers that have been clipped (blown from too much volume) and need replacing. Turn the stereo off, then quickly turn the volume knob back and forth for . My Logitech speaker system for my computer has been acting up on.

    is it on its way out? logitech z's - crackle and pop at the slightest turn of the volume knob. It has a Hogtunes amp in the fairing that powers 2 Hogtunes 5x7 speakers. Suddenly on this past weekend, the speaker (I think left) is "static-y" at high volumes. I realize my sound system is not "up to date" with what it could be. blown it would sound bad all the time unless it was very low volume. When I start the bike up and start to drive the volume will cut out and come . I have a Ultra Classic that the radio speakers will not turn on unless I turn . We would suggest removing the Hog Tunes system to see if the problem . Aftermarket LED headlights will often cause excessive radio static; dont.

    2:if my I-phone volume isn't turned all the way up could I still run the master I put the Hog Tunes speakers on my Classic along with their amp. This is separate from the stock harness that has just the speakers in the fairing. . Also noticed when turning the ignition switch from any of its positions I get static I could play it under half volume, but that really isn't very effective while is matched to the speaker, I am using hogtunes speakers and I think.