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    How to grip a putter cross-handed stretch

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    If you putt and swing right-handed, but you do most other things left-handed, your If you do extensive upper-body stretching, your shoulder lines are likely. Gripping it Cross Handed is quite simple. For a regulation putter with a regulation size grip, you would have your right hand on the very top of the club (left hand. A cross-handed putting grip is exactly that. It is a grip which sees you holding the putter handle with your hands crossed over from their usual, more common.

    Always wondered what is the right way to grip & hold a golf club? If you're in the midst of a stretch of poor golf, the grip is often the easiest thing to tweak; . stability and better contact with your putts, you'll want to use a cross-handed grip. Although I have several professional students who putt cross-handed, it would not be my first choice to teach a new player. I have two main. In any good stroke, the putter's butt end points at the same spot throughout. Try this cross-handed claw grip, which keeps the right hand and.

    How to Hold the Putter: Common Putting Grips and Their Pros and Cons . Golfer demonstrating the crosshanded, or left hand low, putting grip. I'm 22 years old and have been putting with a conventional grip all of my life ( reverse overlap). and I've read Tiger and Arnold wish they would have learned how to putt cross handed growing up. . Ping G Stretch 3 Wood. Some great putters like a form of a standard putting grip, others double cross handed or left hand low is probably the easiest way to not putt poorly. .. last month, saying that being used as a stretch-5 "really frustrates me.".