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    How to log into facebook with twitter

    By in Reality Check

    Important: A recent update to the Facebook Platform Policies ended the ability to automatically post Tweets to your Facebook profile or page. This article shows you how to connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts so that your Tweets and Retweets will automatically post to your. You can link your profile or Page to Twitter so that you can share your Log In Create Account ยท Home Click Link My Profile to Twitter or Link a Page to Twitter. Joe is often online, surely daily, and he checks his email, Facebook profile, Twitter account and Instagram. You can link your Facebook account to your Twitter account or vice versa, depending on which network you use more. Log in and go to Facebook/Twitter to connect your accounts.

    What happens when I link Twitter to Facebook? Does a Facebook entry get automatically turned into a tweet? If so, what if the Facebook post exceeds Twitter's. Open Twitter. Go to Twitter will open to your home page if you're already logged in. If you aren't already logged in, enter your email. Do more with Facebook by connecting it to Twitter, and hundreds of others, with Get started Automatically share new links you post on Facebook to Twitter.

    From there it will take you to a prompt to authorize Facebook to use your account. If you are not logged in, you will need to enter your Twitter username and. Yes there is a way to connect Twitter and Facebook Go here for complete instructions on Twitter. Using Twitter with Facebook You will need to be logged into. By connecting your Twitter account with Facebook, you will be able to significantly Now, sign in to the account you wish to connect with your Facebook profile.