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    How to tie dye white jeans black

    By in Reality Check

    How to Dye Jeans Black. A comfortable pair of jeans is a terrible thing to waste. Luckily, if you have jeans that have lost their luster, you can make them look. Jeans are a wardrobe staple. And while blue remains the most popular color, today jeans are every color from black to white to orange. Do you love the fit of a pair of old jeans but wish you could update the color? Pretty much everyone does. You only need a few supplies to make that favorite pair.

    Made an error in my style judgement and bought white jeans that I Can I dye them black without ending up with some bizarre tie dye effect?. Now I've been wanting a pair of tie dye jeans for a while now but since I'm saving for NYC Albeit, my rubber bands kept popping so I used white ribbon to tie them up. I want to do this, but only have a pair of dark jeggings. I have some white jeans that I'd like to dye. machine (whereas Procion MX dyes are used more for tie dyeing, submersion dyeing, direct application, etc).

    Choose blue jeans for a dark color or white jeans for a light color. Dye is translucent, so the original color will show through. This means that if you try to dye blue. Step 1: All you need is a white pair of % cotton jeans and your favorite One- Step Tie-Dye Kit! Before dyeing, wash the jeans without fabric.