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    Whatif innovation case studies

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    Explore our case studies: We don't just develop new products, brands, business All; Automotive Innovation; CONSUMER GOODS Innovation; ENERGY. What If! has partnered with organizations to make the difference between a smart idea on paper and a living, thriving business. VIEW all case studies. Ageas wanted to develop a disruptive, innovative and scalable business and asked?What If! to help. Results. We co-created a business case that was rewarded with an investment to move to build. Back Me Up Back to Case studies.

    Bringing greater audacity to customer experience. RETAIL Innovation 12 months, totaling more than £m. Now, that's a return to form. Back to Case studies. What If! The Innovation Company. . called “Our Impact – The Full Story” and covers everything from carbon footprint to client case studies. To inspire you to think differently about innovation, we bring you case studies of companies that have done things their own way.

    Discover some of Nottingham Spirk's most notable and innovative design products Explore our consumer product and medical device design case studies. We've been turning “what if” questions into market-dominating consumer products. We frequently talk about how innovation is a crucial necessity for your enterprise company, and how the right innovation can be the difference. With detailed case studies, Anand presents companies that have fear that many company leaders have about innovation: what if it fails?.