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    How often to water indoor money plant

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    The Easy-to-Grow Money Tree is Also Considered Very Lucky A good schedule for most environments is to water when the top inches of. The money tree a tropical plant with dark green, glossy palmate leaves -- is believed to bring good luck and financial fortune to its owner. The money tree -- botanically known as Pachira aquatica and also called the Malabar chestnut, Guiana chestnut, and the saba nut tree. When grown indoors as a bonsai or houseplant, Pachira aquatica is Like many indoor plants, your money tree needs more water during the.

    When you start growing money tree plant at home, you just need a lot of care for the indoor money plant by providing the right growing conditions. It demands very little care and can easily thrive indoors as well as Money plant flourishes when you water it adequately, but it can still thrive. When given the right money plant care, they will grow and thrive in your Consistent over watering a money plant will cause root rot, and eventually kill the plant. One of the reasons growing money plant indoors is so easy is because they.

    The money plant can be grown as an indoor or outdoor plant Watering Money Plant: Often one ask, how much water does money plant need. Get an indoor humidity monitor so you can keep track of how humid it is Water your money tree when the top 1–2 inches (– cm) of soil are dry. Using the full dosage may be too much for your plant and it could have. The Braided Money Tree prefers much less water than other plants - once a week is For indoor plants, provide bright indirect light and turn the plant regularly.