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    How to pierce your lip at home

    By in Reel

    How to Pierce Your Lip: This instructable is to teach those of you who want to pierce your own lip exactly how to do it. I know many people will tell you it's not. How to Pierce Your Own Lip. Self-piercing is cheap and easy, but can be incredibly dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. Although seeking. In this Article:Preparing for Your Lip PiercingCleaning and Caring for Your Lip . I just pierced my lip at home the other night and now its really swollen. I might.

    DIY Piercing can save you a good amount of money. Rather than going to a shop and paying $30+, you can do the same for about $5. 1. Before anything it will be best to set things clear- home lip piercing is not safe. It is recommended that you get all your piercings done by a professional. This way. There are many places for a lip piercing. From the Madonna piercing to the upper lip, get answers to some of the most commons questions.

    I hate to be that person, but I sure hope you're talking about going to a professional with your parents signature and getting it done in a safe clean environment.