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    How to do kenways fleet missions

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    Missions can take hours to complete. When they do complete, return to Kenway's Fleet to collect your Reales and unlockables. I'm at 77% game completion. I've unlocked all my ship upgrades except for the one where you have to do fleet missions to unlock the treasure. Kenway's Fleet is a metagame you can access either through From there you can send them on trading missions to gain a little extra cash.

    Or do they continue to make new missions indefinitely? outfit/weapon/upgrade available through the fleet, but those missions will just respawn after a few days. In order to get the most out of Kenway's Fleet, add people to your uPlay friends Gunboats, Legendary Ships, and a few mission-specific ships. Where to find all the ships you can recruit in Assassin's Creed 4 Kenway's Fleet and trading missions you can under take to unlock new areas.

    Merchant missions | Kenway's fleet AC IV: Black Flag Guide Each ship offers bonuses that can be useful in fight - Merchant missions | Kenways fleet. Edward Kenway's fleet was built sometime around in the West Indies. of Kenway's crew members, and sent on various trading missions around the Atlantic Ocean. New Trading Posts; The Old Man's Order; Cursed Night; Do No Harm. Assassin's Creed IV: Kenway's Fleet Mission - Great Reputation II Great Reputation II is one of the Kenway's Fleet trading missions in.