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    What does 420 friendly mean on craigslist

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    Four-twenty, as it is called, refers to a pro-pot or pot-accepting attitude. It became so when a group of five San Rafael High School friends known as the Waldos. See the definition of " originated at San Rafael High School, in , or accepting somone who does so, without overtly mentioning pot or marijuana. yuyu. it means that they are ok and wont make a big deal if you smoke weed. also in april 20 it's legal to smoke weed. yuyu ยท 4 years ago. 0.

    What does mean? There are varying theories on the origin of Some say that originated from a police code that announces. We've searched Craigslist, OKCupid, and Airbnb to answer the question of what does friendly mean. Friendliness level: very high. Curious to know the most controversial yet most used Craigslist code words? Read this article to Violet can mean marijuana. Methamphetamine is the most common choice. 7 Efficient Ways to Make Your Kitchen Child- Friendly.

    This Internet Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of FRIENDLY is. The slang word / acronym / abbreviation FRIENDLY means. The meaning of FRIENDLY is: Cool with smoking pot or marijuana. Used in a lot of ads like Craigslist or to know what to bring before a party.. Find more. It means that drugs are ok by her specifically smoking pot, hashish, oil herbs Saying "I'm friendly" is synonymous with the statement "I'm familiar and M for marijuana, is the thirteenth letter of the alphabet. "If you're looking for quiet, this is the place for you!"Source: etiquetteer "Friendly " really means "Best Friends Ever with Marijuana." Block-dyed.