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    What does triple or nothing meaning

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    When you bet triple or nothing at all. Triple or nothing. by Uglygodpreachit May 23, Get the mug. Get a triple or nothing mug for your brother G√ľnter. Person A wins $5 off of Person B. Person B says "Double or nothing". Person B wins the second bet and the preexisting loss is canceled and no one receives. A table offers you a game: you have to bet all your money; a fair coin will be tossed; if it lands heads, you triple your money; if it lands tails, you.

    Double or nothing is a gamble to decide whether a loss or debt should be doubled. The result Some poker rooms also offer triple or nothing tournaments, where one third of the playing field gets paid. Merriam-Webster Dictionary; ^ Webster's third new international dictionary of the English language, unabridged. Gove. If both parties agree to a bet, then it can exist. Personally, I wouldn't take a triple or nothing from either side, unless the odds of winning were. Answer (1 of 2): Means your bet is worth 3 times as much or nothing at all.

    What is the definition of the term double or nothing? A double or nothing bet would mean that if Man City wins, you would be even, owing your friend nothing. This type of gamble is also known as double or quits in the UK. Triple or nothing tournaments use the same principle, with only one-third of players getting . Double or nothing definition is - with the result that a gambler either wins two times as much money as he or she has already won or loses all of the money. Members are entitled to receive double or triple points on car rentals. . a completely separate meaning, which nowadays has nothing to do.